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Adoption Success Stories Cat and Dog Pet Care Tips and Information
Save-A-Pet, Bufffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport NY

For a complete list of adoptable animals please visit

Click here for Adoption Process and Fees.

Save-A-Pet also keeps a list of privately owned dogs looking for homes.

Tucker is a young American Staffordshire Terrier who is a very happy, outgoing boy. He loves to play with his  toys. He likes everyone, knows basic commands and is a quick learner. He has lots of energy and would thrive in an active home.
Paxton was adopted by a disabled veteran who adored the big, gentle 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. They were constant companions until his owner died suddenly. Now Paxton is looking for a forever home. Despite the tragedy of losing his beloved master, Paxton is ever ready to love and be loved. He has a sweet disposition, well-behaved in the house, and gets along with everyone. He is playful and affectionate and loves to cuddle.

Katie is a 13 year old lab/retriever mix who is as gentle and sweet as they come.  Most of her life she lived in a crate and was let out just twice a day for water, bathroom and food. She is one of several dogs we rescued from an abominable hoarding situation.  She is very healthy for her age, and her teeth were just cleaned.  She is housebroken, spayed and loves to go for walks.  Since her life has been mostly in a crate, she is most comfortable there and will venture out as she gets used to her environment. Sweet Katie has won the hearts of all who meet her and will capture yours as well.

Zoey is a 6 year old Cockapoo who gets along with all animals and people.  She is housebroken, quiet, and a loving companion who will be your shadow. She is a little chubby due to little exercise and too much food in her previous home.  She is somewhat visually impaired due to neglect of a dry eye issue and will need moisturizing drops regularly. Zoey is a little doll. And she doesn't shed!

Take advantage of our full-to-the-brim kitties selection and our September Special adoption fees for all kittens under 7 months of just $50, which includes spaying/neutering and vaccinations. Adult cats at our special $25 adoption fee. 

Isaac is a sweet boy who is looking for a home. He was found with his Mom and sisters wandering by Lake Ontario shores. Luckily, a kindly man let the wanderers take shelter in his shed before the weather got too cold, and eventually Save-A-Pet was able to take them into a  foster home.  Isaac has been a very good boy in his foster home. He uses the litter, and is working on being more outgoing.  Since Isaac is a bit shy, he would do better in a quieter home. 

Halo is a tortoiseshell kitten who looks so much like her mom, also a tortie, She is from a litter of four whom were born to an indoor cat, As all kittens she is lovable, playful and ready to give some love.

Clyde was one of a trio of adorable kitties born in May, 2014.  Like his brothers Cosmo and Calvin, Clyde is litter trained, neutered and up-to-date on all his vet work. These kittens are all sweet, with gorgeous markings and beautiful color. Clyde is a silver grey tabby with medium-length hair. He gets along with other cats and even with dogs.

Sass is really starting to come around and be a cute character She loves to adventure around the house and climb her kitty tree. From up high she keeps on eye on things. She's learning to get along with her canine friends and other furry house members. When Sass is with her brothers, she is content to sit back and let them have all of the fun. However, when she is on her own she is a courageous little girl. She even loves belly rubs! 

Jake is one kitty who's a big sweet heart! He loves to bounce and play all over his foster home. He also gets along well with cats, kids, and dogs. His favorite things to do include long walks on the beach and candle light dinners... just kidding... he's an extreme sport kind of boy! Running, climbing, and playing! Can you handle all this kitty? Are you ready for some fun? 
Kittens! is our name for the litter of five born to a mom who was just taken in to a foster home. They were born the end of July and are already full of great kitten personality! They are ready to visit and will be ready for their new homes in a couple of weeks. Applications are being accepted now! Their names may be changed by their new owners, but for now we're calling them:
1-Black/White Tux with spot on chin -"Aries"
2-Black/White Tux -"Caelum"
3-Tiger -"Leo"
4-Black -"Orion"
5-Black with white on chest -"Phoenix"

Cow is a Maine Coon mix, and unlike his siblings Sass and Kramer, Cow has very distinctive black/white spots which gave him his name.  He's a baby who loves warm blankets, wand toys, and chasing tin foil balls. He has been neutered and fully vaccinated. Cow has been in foster care since June and needs a forever home. Do you have room in your home and heart for this little guy? 

Shiraz is an independent princess who has been in foster care a long time -- too long, considering she's a special-person cat who surely must have a kindred-spirit adopter out there.  Shiraz was born in September 2010. She is looking for someone who wants a one person cat with out going through the kitten antics. She likes her independence and does not like to be pressed for her attention.  She is looking for someone who appreciates her regal attitudes and who wants a cat who isn't "needy."  Are you her independent-minded soul-mate? 

Adoption Process
Save-A-Pet’s dogs and cats are fostered with loving care in our volunteers’ homes prior to adoption by the perfect new owners. You can meet pets waiting to be adopted at our monthly Pick A Pet shows or by arranging a private visit between shows. Call our information number, (716) 559-3020, for more information. Save A Pet’s work is concentrated in eastern Niagara County, NY and in some neighboring communities.

All Save-A-Pet animals are up-to date on vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. Those requiring additional veterinary care prior to adoption have received the best possible professional treatment. Adopters will be informed of any known health issues an animal may have.

If you’d like to adopt a dog or cat from Save-A-Pet, you will be interviewed so that we can be sure that the pet will be going to a great home. Potential adopters fill out an adoption application prior to the adoption. Before the adoption is finalized, a home visit is required. An adoption form, completed when the adoption takes place, gives us a permanent record of the animal’s new ownership.

Download adoption applications: Cat | Dog

Adoption Fees
The cat adoption fee is $75 for cats and kittens 7 months to 4 years. If two cats in this age group are adopted at the same time, the fee for two is $125.

The adoption fee for kittens up to 7 months is $95.00 for one or $145.00 for two kittens in this age group.

The adoption fee for cats age 4 years and over is $40.00.

Purebred and declawed cats are $65.00 to $75.00.

The dog adoption fee is $200.

This fee includes all their vaccinations spay/neutering, and whatever other vet work they may need to get them ready for adoption.

Adoption Success Stories Cat and Dog Pet Care Tips and Information
Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue
Niagara Falls and Buffalo Cat and Dog Adoptions Save-A-Pet Animal Adoptions in Niagara County

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