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Foster Homes Needed Now For Dogs and Cats!

We are getting constant calls for dogs and cats in need of placement. We try to give these dogs and cats the best temporary home.

Save A Pet keeps animals in a natural home setting instead of a stressful shelter. All possible care is given to the animal and foster family. We immediately take new fosters to the vet. All vaccinations are given, worming, and neutering. All supplies are provided, food, supplies, etc. You provide the home and the love.

Please save a life, FOSTER!

Canine Foster Care Application (pdf)

Adoption Success Stories Cat and Dog Pet Care Tips and Information
Save-A-Pet, Bufffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport NY

Click here for Adoption Process and Fees.

Save-A-Pet also keeps a list of privately owned dogs looking for homes.

Sweet Birdie is in desperate need of a new foster or adopter. Her current foster home is unable to keep her any longer. She is a very friendly, affectionate one year old Beagle/hound mix. Birdie is spayed and microchipped, up to date on shots, housebroken and walks well with a gentle leader. She loves everyone, gets along with other dogs, knows both verbal and hand commands and is only 43 pounds. She is eager to please, very smart and learns quickly. Someone please call 716-559-3020, line 1 and be Birdie's hero and new best friend.

We are the Kittens of Oz. We were found on a porch of a nice lady’s house. We were only one pound and missing our mommy. Luckily she called Save A Pet and they were able to get us into a great foster home. We have been having a good time, eating, growing, and playing for the last few weeks. Some of our favorite activities are exploring, playing, eating, sleeping, playing...and more playing! Now we are ready to find our forever homes. If you are looking for some furry fun, call to adopt us!

Glinda ~ Female, Black and white with black spot on chin

Toto ~ Male, black

Gabriel ~ Male, black, slightly larger than Toto

Monkey ~ Male, black and white tux.

Meet Tarzan. At his vet visit, Tarzan tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). This means that at some point he contracted a virus that will slowly weaken his immune system. It is not an immediately lethal condition, but it is one that is often misunderstood, and many cats who test FIV+ are euthanized. 

Research shows that FIV+ cats can live just as long as cats without the virus!

We are seeking a permanent adoptive home for Tarzan. A home where he is the only cat would be ideal. Here’s what potential adopters need to know about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus:

  1. There is no cure. But FIV itself does not make Tarzan sick.
  2. With a weakened immune system, Tarzan’s guardian will need to watch for signs of sickness, such as: weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing, runny eyes/nose, etc. Just like with any other cat, if he presents these symptoms, a trip to the vet is in order. He can recover from illness; it just might take a little longer than an average cat.
  3. FIV is contagious, but it is only transmitted by an infected cat’s saliva entering another cat’s bloodstream – essentially, a bite wound. To be safe, a home of his own or with other FIV+ cats would be perfect for him.
  4. FIV cannot be transmitted to humans, dogs, or any other non-feline species.
  5. adly, Tarzan will someday die – maybe of disease or maybe of old age. This is true of any beloved pet! His life will not necessarily be shorter than that of any other cat. A healthy diet and loving attention is all he really needs. 

Tarzan is neutered, dewormed, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations. He is an easy-going, well-behaved cat. Would you open your heart and your home to him? Whatever love you have to give him, he’ll give back to you a thousand-fold! If you’d like to meet Tarzan, leave a message on the Save-a-Pet cat line at 716-559-3020 x2.

Meet Rain. She was born under a porch in the city of Buffalo. She had siblings to hang out with, but there were also mean people that scared them. Thankfully she was able to make it into foster care with Save A Pet. Her sister Cirrus is also in foster care with her. They have been here for a while. They are pretty cool cats but we can be a bit shy at first. They are always around, playing and hanging out with my feline buddies, but her canine foster siblings can be a bit loud. She'd prefer a nice quiet home where she can truly come out of her shell. She’d do best with only cats, or calm dogs, and no small kids. Her estimated birthdate is April 2014.

Shadow had a tough start when he came to SAP. He had to be bathed and shaved because of tar in his fur. Then he was put in a foster home where he had to learn to share with other furry friends. Unfortunately he likes more ‘me’ time and isn’t loving all the company. He would love a quiet home with plenty of time to just chill. This big guy has really recovered well from the shave down and has a gorgeous coat of black fur…call us to schedule a visit.

Emma, aka" Treehouse Mama", was found in a treehouse with a litter of kittens. After the kittens were rescued, it was Emma's turn. She is a shy but friendly-once-she-gets-to-know-you, she is a beautiful orange and white tiger with a distinct stripped tail. Emma is about ten years old and has little or no sight in one eye due to a cataract. She would be happy in a quiet home with maybe one other older cat.

Adoption Process
Save-A-Pet’s dogs and cats are fostered with loving care in our volunteers’ homes prior to adoption by the perfect new owners. You can meet pets waiting to be adopted at our monthly Pick A Pet shows or by arranging a private visit between shows. Call our information number, (716) 559-3020 (Ext
.#1 Dogs, Ext.#2 Cats), for more information. Save A Pet’s work is concentrated in eastern Niagara County, NY and in some neighboring communities.

All Save-A-Pet animals are up-to date on vaccinations, micro-chipped, and are spayed or neutered. Those requiring additional veterinary care prior to adoption have received the best possible professional treatment. Adopters will be informed of any known health issues an animal may have.

If you’d like to adopt a dog or cat from Save-A-Pet, you will be interviewed so that we can be sure that the pet will be going to a great home. Potential adopters fill out an adoption application prior to the adoption. Before the adoption is finalized, a home visit is required. An adoption form, completed when the adoption takes place, gives us a permanent record of the animal’s new ownership.

Download adoption applications: Cat | Dog

Adoption Fees
The cat adoption fee is $85 for cats and kittens 7 months to 4 years. If two cats in this age group are adopted at the same time, the fee for two is $145.

The adoption fee for kittens up to 7 months is $105.00 for one or $165.00 for two kittens in this age group.

The adoption fee for cats age 4 years and over is $50.00.

The dog adoption fee is $250.

This fee includes all their vaccinations, micro-chip, spay/neutering, and whatever other vet work they may need to get them ready for adoption.

Adoption Success Stories Cat and Dog Pet Care Tips and Information
Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue
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